A welcomed change at the end of a twenty-five year career in the aviation industry, sparked my life long pursuit to be a professional photographer.  Photography has always been a passion of mine, so it seemed a natural fit when family and friends encouraged me by requesting services to capture their life's milestones.  Having an eye for detail and an innate ability to quickly connect with clients became second nature,  leading to a portfolio that is constantly evolving with memories that last for a lifetime.


We have a passion for wedding photography.  We believe our images speak for themselves.  There is an energy that leads us to create and inspires a feeling that gains momentum as an image comes together through our camera lenses.  Photo-journalistic style best describes how we shoot.  This method rarely disturbs the flow of a special day for our clients.


Our success can be attributed to "Word of Mouth" from satisfied clients, and a presence on various social media apps where our work can be enjoyed by others.  We pride ourselves and enjoy covering events of diverse cultural backgrounds, adapting to each unique traditional rite.


Dan is a perfectionist and is always looking to improve on his skills, never resting on his accomplishments, and always looking to the future.


Bride To Be Summit Interview with Dream Celebrations

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